Monday, 7 June 2010

What I'm Loving at the Moment........

Exotic Summer: bright hot pink nails, leopard prints, zebra prints (on nails, shoes, cardigans) lots of bright oranges and reds, tropical shorts and hibiscus print dresses, coral crop tops and plenty of Hawaiian inspired skirts (with palm trees!!!!) Accessories- bright, bright and brighter! plenty of rings, statement earrings, necklaces and flamingos,pineapples, gold!!!!! lots of gold! and jewels, bright jewels! Smells: juicy fruit smells, tutti fruiti!! Drink....lots of yummy colourful cocktails...mmmm! Sparkle like the Sun......
...but don't forget your sun protection, because we want lovely tanned legs not red, raw burns!!!! Lots of lovely tan, lots of bronzer for faces, bright red, burnt orange and hot pink lipsticks!! lovely pink cheeks and plenty of black eyeliner, but keep it fresh ladies, no panda eyes! we want bright, twinkly, wide-awake eyes! 
To sum up: Glamourous Beach Bum from the fifties (lol!)   a real melange of staple styles this summer   

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